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Myrna Loy: So Nice to Come Home to...

I watched this 1991 documentary from a tape that my friend Debra lent me. Made me adore Miss Myrna (The "Queen of the Movies") even more! I loved all the clips that were shown -- of course there were lots of Thin Man clips and other clips with William Powell and Clark Gable. I enjoyed seeing some of the rarer clips from some of Myrna's earlier silent film work. One of the coolest was this clip of her dancing (her original passion)...a re-discovered bit a film that hadn't been shown since the original release.

I knew that many stars had been active in the war effort but I never realized how much work volunteer work Myrna did during WWII, making only one movie during that time! She worked with the Red Cross and served as assistant to the director of military and naval welfare for them in World War II. She was later appointed a member-at large of the U.S. Commission to UNESCO. She also fought the Hollywood blacklisting of the 1950's and served on Civil Rights Commissions. Pretty impressive!

'Twas a nice overview of her extraordinary film legacy (129 movies!!) and I was very excited to see that it will be on the bonus documentary disc in the Thin Man box set coming out August 2nd. I think she was a remarkable woman and great actress!

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